Accreditation Is Grand

Parents are looking for a safe, nurturing setting that provides for all facets of their child’s development. National Accreditation standards assist parental decision making by first identifying scientifically researched standards for proper child development and then formally assessing the school to grade its performance.

When a center becomes accredited, parents may be sure the center has adopted the highest standards, and must work to stay up to date.

Grand Avenue has voluntarily applied for and received accreditation from the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) system. Accreditation systems have several components. The first is a thorough self-assessment of the program by management, staff, and parents to determine how closely the accreditation standards are being met. The second component is an action plan to address areas requiring attention. The third component is an on-site visit by a trained NECPA Verifier to inspect all facets of the program. The inspection includes curriculum, teaching methods, classroom design, safety practices, etc. The fourth component is a review by the NECPA National Accreditation Council. Grand Avenue is proud to have received this independent evaluation of quality.

When we say “our center delivers a high quality education,” don’t take our word for it, ask for our accreditation certification!