Grand Avenue Teaches Learning Without Tears

Proper handwriting promotes strong literacy skills and academic success in other subjects. The Learning Without Tears™ curriculum draws from research to provide developmentally appropriate multisensory tools and strategies for students to improve their fine motor skills.

The program follows research that demonstrates children learn more effectively by actively doing, with materials that address all styles of learning. The curriculum was created to draw on the different senses and encourage active learning. By touching, hearing, speaking, and moving, children are better able to develop strong physical, social and emotional, and cognitive skills.

LWT printing and cursive programs follow two principles:

  1. Simply Smart Student Materials
    Materials are intuitive, engaging, and developmentally progressive. Direct experience and knowledge of how students learn best was utilized to develop unique teaching materials that are easy and fun. Lessons and activities make it easy to integrate handwriting into other lessons, and support children working at all levels.
  2. Active Teaching
    The program uses instruction that engages children, so that they are active participants. Children will move, sing, talk and experience each lesson. Integrated, informal assessments allow tracking of each child’s progress, and adjust, repeat, or vary instruction for the best learning outcomes.

Mat Man Teaching Strategies

Mat Man - ShapesThe Learning Without Tears¨ Mat Man™ activity is a powerful tool for instruction in both preschool and kindergarten classes. Mat Man™ teaches children to draw, develop body awareness, fosters counting abilities, building, socializing and sharing. Children engage in an activity that is both enjoyable and that allows them to experiment and gain confidence with pre-writing skills. Multisensory learning strategies compared to more traditional classroom methods, are more effective especially for young children. Drawing abilities continue to be a key indicator for school readiness. If you would like to learn more about LWT and MAT MAN please visit this youtube video