Our Grand Philosophy

Grand Avenue provides a positive environment and a stimulating curriculum fostering children’s creative and intellectual abilities as appropriate for their developmental stage.

Our goal is to nurture self-esteem and independence and to set the stage for future learning through a positive first experience at school. Curricular elements should be scientifically proven to be appropriate and successful for children of this age. Children’s social development is emphasized through play and the companionship of their peers. Learning should be enjoyable, and emphasize hands-on experiences, in a bright, open, well-equipped classroom.

Our Grand Curriculum

Our programs are designed to maximize your child’s learning potential, while fostering their intersocial skills and behaviors. Our curriculum is designed to meet the total needs of the child by coordinating activities and experiences at the child’s pace, allowing space, equipment and movement necessary for overall early childhood development. Our curriculum also provides a balance between quiet and active periods, between academic awareness and comfortable relaxation, always permitting the joy of self-discovery and the pleasure of social interaction.