Preschool Classes

Good programs are comprised of an educational philosophy, excellent physical environments, proper learning materials and experienced teachers to bring all pieces together into a cohesive classroom.

Grand Avenue’s preschool philosophy provides a positive group environment and stimulating curriculum fostering children’s creative and intellectual abilities appropriate for their developmental stage. The program nurtures self-esteem and independence and sets the stage for future learning through a positive, first experience at school. Social Development is underscored through play and the companionship of children of the same age. Learning should be fun and focus on hands-on experiences.

Our curriculum is aligned with the Illinois Early Learning Standards, developed by the Illinois State Board of Education. The curriculum is balanced and focused on preparing children for their elementary education years. Children are exposed to music, art, natural sciences, age-appropriate math and reading skills, literature, group interaction, language acquisition, in addition to fine and gross motor stimulation. Our programs integrate live music for development of memory, language, social competence, and math skills. It is also important for setting the foundation for a life-long appreciation of music. The music component is taught to the children by a professional music teacher.

We have many opportunities for parents and families to participate with the program. Children always benefit when families are involved with their education. Please see one or our directors if you would like to learn more.