Two’s Are Grand (A Part-Day Preschool program)

The program is available on T-Th from 9-11am.

For children ages 24 to 36 months, the program will provide a first introduction to school in a friendly classroom environment. Daily activities are listed below.

Enrolling your child in the two’s program, parents have first priority in reserving for the three-year-old preschool program the following school year. 

The children will be invited to participate and the length of the activities will be driven by their attention span.

Car Line: arrival and greeting of the children at your car to facilitate separation and start the school day.

Greeting and Table Time: children will learn to match their school bag to their name and picture. Hand washing will be followed by table activities such as puzzles, fine motor manipulatives such as stringing beads, and small interlocking blocks.

Free Choice Time: this section assists the children in making choices, learning to share, taking turns and free exploration. These activites facilitate development of fine and large motor coordination, language, imaginary play, positive social development with their peers. There are many choices for cooperative play with friends including sand and water, block building, play dough, shaving cream, finger paints, language development and creative play in the housekeeping center. Painting will be available at the easel. Outdoor time is also an integral part of this program.

Art Project: teacher directed projects focusing on hand eye coordination, patterning, colors, introduction to sequencing, introducing math concepts of size, proportions and concentration on developing fine motor skills that will be the foundation of printing.

Clean Up Time: Assists children in concluding one activity and moving on to the next activity at the appropriate time.

Circle Time: Group time is lead by the teacher using the Creative Curriculum approach to develop lesson plans and Grand Avenue developed themes. These are presented through songs, puppets, hands on activities appropriate for promoting a child’s developmental milestones from ages two to three. Group activities concentrate on developing their attention span, listening and language skills, taking turns, and cooperating with their peers. This is an important foundation for the upcoming preschool years.

Snack: The mid-morning snack is provided by Grand Avenue. Hand washing routines will be established both before and after eating. Children will have the opportunity to help set the table, and to practice their manners. Birthdays will be celebrated with a healthy treat, singing and a birthday crown. (Families can provide a healthy snack for special celebrations.)

Music: Fun, active songs will be taught related to our themes and curriculum. There will be an opportunity to use rhythm instruments, dance and move to the music so that each child can enjoy the benefits of music.

Story Time: ours concluding activity will be a story time/flannel board story as we finish our busy morning and prepare to go home.