Full STEAM Ahead!

Afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment Program

The Kindergarten Enrichment program extends the learning day for kindergarten-aged children who have morning kindergarten classes at their elementary school. Throughout the school year, the program will reinforce and enrich subjects the children are learning during their morning classes.

Download the 2021 Kindergarten Enrichment STEAM Brochure

In addition, cross-disciplinary skills of problem-solving, communicating, and working in teams will be practiced across all subject areas.

Parents may choose one or more of the following enrichment opportunities. Your child can arrive at 11:45 for lunch via the school  bus or eat lunch at home and arrive at 12:45 in car line for enrichment which ends at 3:15pm.  If extended care is needed, your child is welcome to stay until 6pm.

Monday: Storytellers
We will flex our creative muscles during this class by focusing on comprehending and sequencing different parts of a story. From making up our own tales to new twists on the classics, we will get in touch with our storytelling skills, while incorporating the Scientific Method! What kind of pours can we get from a “little teapot”? How do Oz horses change colors? Can Woody and Buzz get farther with a shallow or steep ramp?

Tuesday: Language and Literacy

We will focus on printing to enhance writing skills. Multi-sensory tools and strategies will be used to improve fine motor skills. We will see what kind of creative structures we can put together with letter magnets, sight words and more.

Wednesday: Math Matters
Let’s focus on numbers and colors! Unifix cubes and comparisons will be part of this fun subject area! Children will learn how to graph, measure, and quantify items while sorting and classifying by size, color, and material. They will also practice writing numbers, creating and solving simple story problems, and establish math skills.

Thursday: The World Around Us
Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and friendship are all values children will learn about, and how to apply them to their neighborhoods and community. We will learn about the lives of people in different parts of the world outside of our communities, as well as other beautiful living and non-living things around us. What’s the weather like outside? What can we make with natural items? Life cycles, observations, and more will help children understand society and themselves.

Friday: Revealing Scientific Secrets
Join us as we tie our whole week together through experimentation, reflection on past hypotheses and results, and communication. We will draw conclusions to have a better understanding of ourselves, how the wondrous world works, and problem-solving. Creativity, increased ability to work positively with others, and close encounters will set a solid foundation of science for children!