Kindergarten Enrichment

The Kindergarten Enrichment program extends the learning day for Kindergarten aged children who have morning Kindergarten classes at their elementary school. Throughout the school year, the program will reinforce and enrich subjects the children are learning during their morning classes.

In addition, cross-disciplinary abilities of problem solving, communicating, and working in teams will be practiced across all subject areas.

Parents may select from all of the topics listed below or pick specific areas of interest. Each day classes begin following the close of the child’s morning Kindergarten class and continue until 3:15 pm. Extended day care is available.

Monday: Phonics
Using Jolly Phonics®, the class will provide a thorough foundation for reading and writing. Letter sounds will be taught in a fun way, using music and hand motions for a multisensory approach. The children will practice their fine motor skills, penmanship, proper pencil grasp, and writing simple sentences.

Tuesday: Language Arts
This class will focus on speaking and listening skills to assist students in organizing and remembering information, and help them communicate events in sequence. We will use literature, pictures, real life experiences, show and tell, and incorporate other topics such as social studies and geography during our activities. Dictation will also be used to assist children in organizing their thoughts into meaningful stories.

Wednesday: Mathematics
Math Matters will employ Unifix Cubes® as a hands on system using manipulatives and lessons to enhance students’ skills for numbers, quantity and simple strategies to solve math problems. We will provide Magnatiles® as a foundation for geometry (shapes), and use a variety of items to measure, graph, and quantify items. The children will also work with money concepts later in the school year.

Thursday: Social Sciences & Geography
Using games and the 6 Pillars of Character Counts®, children will look forward to a variety of group games, board games and card games to enhance their interpersonal skills by teaching them how to problem solve and how to win or lose gracefully. We will also use the 6 Pillars Curriculum, which emphasizes the development of 6 ethical values that everyone can agree on: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. The children will apply these values to their neighborhood, community and the world around them.

Friday: Science
Science Fridays will concentrate on the six components of the scientific method; observation, classification, experimentation, predicting, communicating ideas and drawing conclusions to set a solid foundation for science and solving problems.