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Grand Avenue Preschool Toddler Program

Celebrating The Differences Of Each And Every Toddler

Toddlers are curious – growing and learning fast. This is the time when children learn to use words and speak. Grand Avenue Preschool teachers plan activities to help them explore and master their new skills. We believe in the importance of creating a nurturing and stimulating environment where young children can explore their interests and develop a strong sense of self. We encourage toddlers to engage in hands-on, sensory-rich activities that promote early learning and social interaction. Our teachers play a supportive role, observing children’s emerging interests and facilitating their exploration through open-ended materials and activities.

Growing Together

You’ll love watching your child learn how to interact with others at our daycare. From fostering empathy and understanding to instilling a love for being part of a group from a young age, our program is designed to nurture these essential skills. By enrolling your child, you’re giving them the foundation for a lifetime of successfully communicating with others and learning how to work together to achieve success. Feel free to visit one of our daycare locations to see firsthand the enriching environment we provide.


Offered at our Burr Ridge Location.

two pre-k students playing.

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