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Kindergarten Enrichment

Full STEAM Ahead!

Offered at our Western Springs location, our Kindergarten Enrichment program extends the learning day for kindergarten-aged children who have morning kindergarten classes at their elementary school. Throughout the school year, the program will reinforce and enrich subjects the children are learning during their morning classes.

In addition, cross-disciplinary skills of problem-solving, communicating, and working in teams will be practiced across all subject areas.

Parents may choose one or more of the following enrichment opportunities. Your child can arrive at 11:45 for lunch via the school bus or eat lunch at home and arrive at 12:45 in the car line for enrichment which ends at 3:15pm.  If extended care is needed, your child is welcome to stay until 6pm.

Activities include:

  1. Monday: Storytellers
  2. Tuesday: Language and Literacy
  3. Wednesday: Math Matters
  4. Thursday: The World Around Us
  5. Friday: Revealing Scientific Secrets


Offered at our Burr Ridge and Western Springs locations.

children painting.

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