Music Is Grand

Our programs integrate music for development of memory, language, rhythm, social and math skills. It is also important for setting the foundation for a life-long appreciation of music as an art form.

Music is taught to the children by a professional music teacher, instructing the children using multiple instruments,and percussion elements. The children have a tremendous capacity to learn lyrics, rhythms, and modulation. Their songs are performed for families and friends several times during the school year. The performances are always a delight for everyone.

Art Is Grand

Children’s art is fascinating, providing a picture of the world they see and imagine. Skill based projects serve to stimulate creativity, expression, fine motor skills, spatial awareness and how to follow instructions.

Social Learning Is Grand

Social and emotional learning is encouraged through play and companionship of children with their peer group in a supportive environment.

This teaches the skills of fosters cooperation, sharing, manners, patience, negotiation and many other social attributes important for all. The children learn how to be polite to their peers, to reject bullying behavior, and how to speak up for themselves and their classmates. In an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, social skills are more important than ever.


Details About Our Music Teacher

Debra Church

Music Director/Guitarist

Private Guitar Lessons and Guitarist for weddings and special occasions.

Studio Location: 700 S. Madison Ave., LaGrange, IL

[email protected]