All Day Preschool

For families requiring a full day of education and care for their child. The program provides a positive environment and stimulating curriculum fostering children’s creative and intellectual abilities appropriate for their developmental stage. Our objective is to nurture self-esteem and independence and to set the stage for future learning through a positive first experience at school. Social and Emotional learning is encouraged as the children play with classmates and develop good friendships. We make learning fun, so that children enjoy going to school and are fully prepared for their eventual graduation to kindergarten.

To develop the children’s multiple intelligences, the curriculum is thorough, balanced and consistent with the developmental areas required of children who will be entering Kindergarten in coming years( please see Curriculum description). The curriculum includes music, art, natural sciences, math and reading skills, children’s literature, group interaction, language acquisition, in addition to fine and gross motor stimulation. The pre-kindergarten letter program concentrates on recognition of upper and lower case consonants and their phonetic sounds. Music is taught by professional music teachers focusing on the development of memory, language, social and math skills. Children’s art is fascinating, providing a picture of the world they see and imagine. Skill based projects serve to stimulate creativity, expression, fine motor skills, spatial awareness and how to follow instructions.

Our curriculum is aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards, developed by the State Board of Education and is rigorously tested to ensure it is proper for preschool aged children. The Illinois Learning Standards are used in all public schools as the basis for each grade’s curricula. Therefore, your preschool child will be fully prepared for their entry into elementary school.

Grand Avenue is family-centric. Studies show that children’s school success is enhanced when families are involved. There are many opportunities to visit the classroom including Gap Gathering, “You, the Parent,” Halloween Parade, Holiday Sing, Spring Sing, Dad’s Day, Mother’s Day Tea, etc. Our Parent Group meets regularly to plan activities for enriching the program.

All Day Preschool is offered at our Western Springs and LaGrange Highlands schools and is open from 6:30 a.m.( Western Springs school, 7 a.m. at the LaGrange Highlands school) until 6:00 p.m. each day. Grand Avenue is rarely closed providing care over winter holidays, spring breaks, and most holidays.